There are a couple of key components to a great search result page (Archive) on your website. We will be using our own archive test page as an example.

  1. Keep your search results above the fold. Don’t make a user scroll for the first results.
  2. Keep the results on a page to a maximum of 10, with pagination if needed. This will improve scannability.
  3. Keep the used search term in the search form for quick editing if a mistake has been made or the user wants to add a new word, from “Google” to “Google Algorithm”
  4. Highlight search terms – this will be available soon in WP Search Insights, use in the meantime:-)
  5. Use the archive title with context of the search. The user can immediately recognize if the search term is correct.
  6. Excerpts are important during a user’s scan. Give them a short and quick purpose of the page
  7. Are you using a forum, knowledge-base or F.A.Q or a support/contact form for questions. Let your users know there are more way to get an answer!