The title of this post is actually something of small trick. “Writing content for Google” is a search query more popular than any other relevant query with the same puropse; “Creating high-ranking content”.

But, the title is not relevant as such with most of the content available, because writing content for Google is not advised by most, including Google.

Google have been updating her Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, with the latest update less than a year ago. It describes the manner in which the algorithm scan and scores content. Here a some of the key principles in how not to write for Google, but for your users.

1. The big one: E-A-T

Expertise / Authoritativeness / Trustworthiness — shortened to E-A-T —  is a great rule of thumb while creating any post, or website for that matter.

2. Design

Your main focus should be delivering great content, without much interference during interaction with the content.

3. Content

4. Media

Everybody loves pictures and videos. It can clarify context, give you another perspective or a little break during a longer blog.

5. The Search Result Page of Google

Finally, on the first page! Research learns you won’t need the 1st position in Google to claim the most clicks: