Improving your Search Result Page

There are a couple of key components to a great search result page (Archive) on your website. We will be using our own archive test page as an example. Keep your search results above the fold. Don’t make a user scroll for the first results. Keep the results on a page to a maximum of […]

WP Search Insights Beginners Guide

WP Search Insights is in continuous development, as is this beginner’s guideline. We will explain the different menu items and cards available in the plugin. Just installed the plugin? You won’t see any searches yet. Feel free to make a couple of searches on your website to see how it works, you can always delete […]

Using CSV/Excel Exports

WP Search Insights is made to provide you a great amount of information and important insights in search behavior on your WordPress website. While our dashboard can be very conveniënt to keep an eye out for search behavior on a daily basis, it can be convenient to share an Excel export with third parties or […]